What Makes Oats Gluten Free?

A buzz word you keep hearing about today is "gluten free". You may hear the term a hundred times a day, but what exactly is gluten? Gluten is a group of proteins that are responsible for the elastic texture of dough. Unfortunately, this group of proteins causes illness in people with celiac disease. Gluten is also believed to be the cause of other general digestive issues in many. And more and more people are staying away from products that contain it.

A topic of confusion with the term "gluten free", is just exactly what foods are free of this so called gluten? In particular, many wonder if oats have gluten. As oats are found in many snacks we consume today, its no surprise why so many people ask this question.

The truth is, oats are gluten free in nature. The way in which they are processed is what changes that completely. Oats are normally processed on machinery that processes other grains like barley and rye that DO contain gluten naturally. This contamination adds gluten to the oats. For oats to be claimed as "gluten free", they must be processed in a separate facility to prevent the contamination.

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