Cardboard Box Craze!!

Do you do a lot of shopping online? If you do, I'm sure I don't need to tell you how quickly the boxes and packing materials add up. With more and more people shopping online due to the recent crazy times we have been living in, I am seeing boxes everywhere. Lots of companies and homes are filling dumpsters with carboard and packing fillers like peanuts.

When we started the company, we quickly realized how many boxes are sent to us from venders and ingredients. I mean literally boxes inside boxes, inside boxes packed with fillers in between. We have never been ones to waste, we started to save the usable boxes to ship out products in and transport products and staging materials to and from events. Then we also realized we could save the fillers as well to use in packing fragile items to not add much weight but keep them safe in transport.

You may not have many packages to mail out as we do, but you could find other uses for these gems. More and more cities are taking the "recycling" to the same dump sites as the trash. It is sad, we take the time to sort but its not always going where we think it is. First, you could always donate them to the local summer camps for camp fires and cardboard boat races. You can save them to protect surfaces during arts and crafts time, if you are crafty like me and addicted to Pinterest. You can also use them to organize the house hold clutter and garages, using colored paint pens or tapes you can easily identify items inside. They are great for putting on the driveway when working on automobiles, which is a great way to prevent the dreaded oil stains. One of my favorite ways to reuse the carboard is as a #weedbarrier . Instead of buying expensive mesh or plastic (yuck), you can lay down broken down boxes and cover with mulch or dirt. Over time, the boxes will break down but when they do, they will provide food for your plants.

When you get a box delivered from My Mindful Market full of delicious goodies, you may notice the box has some writing on it or a picture. That is just one of the many ways we are trying to recycle, reuse and reduce. Also any filler whether it be packing peanuts, shredded paper or cardboard, are also all recycled or repurposed. #RecycleReuseRepurpose


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