5 Places You MUST Keep Healthy Snacks at!

A majority of our day is on the go, with little time in between to find something clean and wholesome to satisfy ourselves when hunger strikes. When your stomach is rumbling, it is easy to give in to the most convenient option available at that moment. The only way to keep your snacking on "track", like we all want to, is to pre position your healthy snacks of choice in all the spots you are most likely to be hungry.

First, you must rid these places of all the other snacks that you wish to avoid. Like anything else, it is harder to avoid temptation when that temptation is staring you in the face at your most vulnerable moments.

5.Gym Bag...........Burning calories at the gym certainly works up an appetite. That is why it is important to always have healthy snacks in your gym bag so you can avoid all the processed and sugary bars offered at a lot of fitness clubs these days. Don't always judge a bar by it's wrapper. Control what you snack on by planning ahead and having something wholesome in your bag every time you workout.

4.Laptop Bag........I find myself taking my laptop bag almost everywhere I go, and sometimes can be on my computer for hours with out end. All that typing and mental excursion can make me HANGRY! This hanger makes me want to eat the first thing in my sight, which usually isn't the best for me and I later regret it. To avoid coming unhinged when doing my computer work, I always have a healthy snack I can grab right from my laptop bag. I can not tell you how many times having snacks on hand has saved me from caving into the temptation of convenience.

3.Purse (If applicable) ....... Women carry purses everywhere they go, so this is a perfect spot to keep your snack stash. Placing things like wholesome Mindful granola Bites will make you very happy when you need to attack hunger fast!

2.Work Desk.........Honestly, can you say you are snacking like you should when at work? Most likely the answer is NO. With experience working as a salesman at a car dealership I know it is hard to snack clean, especially when being around others who are NOT so Mindful. Do you find it hard to pass up the doughnuts and pizza when someone brings them in? Do you find yourself going to vending machines when you are hungry? Avoid the workplace temptations by placing your snacks in a desk drawer that you can access at any time throughout you work day. You will be glad you did!

1.Car Glovebox........The number one place I find myself hungry is while driving. Hours a day are spent on monotonous drives that leave me thinking about food a for majority of the trip. I always have my glovebox stocked up with our Mindful snacks everywhere I go so I avoid the classic stop at the gas station. By doing so, you will also save yourself time from pulling over.

Mindful Bites are perfect for wherever life takes you. With a perfectly portioned pouch, resealable package, and only simple wholesome ingredients that combine for an irresistible taste, you have to look no further to find what snacks YOU should be stocking up on. Mindful Bites also don't have to be refrigerated, so they are perfect for storing anywhere. Be Free, Snack Mindful!

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