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About Us

Hi, I'm Brittany, a culinary graduate and someone who is passionate about living a healthy lifestyle.  Unfortunately, I couldn't find a snack that I enjoyed and felt good about eating.  I was always too busy to even make my own clean granola that I had found on Pinterest and Instagram, without all that added stuff that I didn't want.  


I soon realized I was not the only one with this problem.  Determined to find a better alternative to snack bars filled with preservatives, processed, syrups, and oils, I spent much time in the kitchen to come up with great-tasting snacks that were like the ones you would make if you had the time to do it yourself!   


I want to help people with the same problem I had by crafting my snacks with less but more wholesome, ingredients like you would find in your own pantry.  These ingredients I carefully selected for irresistible taste, so you can truly enjoy your snacking no matter how crazy life gets.  No corners are ever cut, and my passion for creating cleaner culinary creations is noticed in every bite.  

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